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Flower Memorials and Thanksgivings

Flower Memorials and Thanksgivings

Flower Memorials are a beautiful addition to our worship and elevate our praise.  Please consider making a memorial or thanksgiving offering of flowers for the church's altars in the coming year.  If you wish to make floral memorials or thanksgivings , please download and return this form with your donation either by mail or by placing it in the designated basket at the back of the churchMemorials are $45 at the High Altar and $30 in the Lady Chapel. Names are listed in the service leaflet on the Sunday or feast desired. Please make checks or money orders payable to: Saint John’s Church, marked: Altar Flowers.


Join us on Sunday, 29 September, for the first Evensong of Michaelmas at 4.00 PM.

Michaelmas Services

REMINDER: Traditional Choral Evensong of Michaelmas Eve, Sunday, 29 September at 4.00 PM.

Choral Eucharist of Michaelmas Day (transferred), Monday, 30 September, at 6.30 PM.