Your prayers are bidden for the Holy Catholic Church:

For its mission of reconciliation throughout the world
For Christian missionaries and their families
For the Church suffering persecution
For the unity and healing of the Church; for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury, Katharine, our Primate, Michael, our Primate-elect; and for Eugene, our Bishop,
For the People, Rector, Wardens, Vestry, and all who minister in this Congregation
For our increase in faith, in number, in zeal, and in means for the work of the Kingdom of God
For the Sisters of Saint Margaret, the Monks of Saint Gregory's Abbey, for their increase in vocations; and for all others under vows of religion
For the ministry of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, and for its pilgrims
For discernment and perseverance for all Seminarians,
and for Eric as he continues his vocational preparation

Your prayers are bidden for our common life in the world:

For the Leaders of the nations, and the welfare and peace of the world
For this nation, our President, our Courts, and our Congress
For our Governor, our Legislature, our Mayor, and all others in civil authority among us
For our Waverly and Charles Villages, our leaders, people, and those who work or visit here
For the protection, encouragement, and guidance by the Holy Spirit of our Police, Fire-fighters, Paramedic Teams, and of our Armed Forces: among them Skyler, Dennis, and Gabriel
For our enemies, and, through Christ Jesus, for an end to our enmity

Your prayers are bidden for those in need, trouble, or anxiety:

Sally, Tony, Anthony, Michael, Marvin, Diane, John, Tom, Gene; the destitute ministered to by the Sisters of Saint Margaret in Haiti; those endangered by armed conflict; the unemployed, the homeless, those travelling; the imprisoned: among them Ted

Your prayers are bidden for those commended for healing in mind, body, or spirit:

Judy, Gayle, Anthony, Larry, Devin, Wes, priest, Beth, Brian, Jennifer, Gene, Heather; those grieving

Your prayers are bidden for those in hospital.

Your prayers are bidden for those who have died:
Our deceased benefactors; those who have died by violence, battle, or murder; and all who have died suddenly and unprepared.

Your Thanksgiving is bidden for:

Prayers answered; the birth of Jason; beginnings of recovery; safe travel completed;
our benefactors; our volunteers; and for our Priest Associates