FYI:  Jesus has a “nickname”.   In our Anglican tradition Jesus is often called ‘Jesu’, pronounced “Jēēˊ-su”, as a term of rich endearment.  It is not the same as the Latin “Iesu (Jesu)”, pronounced “Yĕˊ-su”.  It’s a proper English soft ‘j’ and ‘s’.  You’ll find it used today, for example, in our hymn after Communion.  It’s not a mis-print, its our own traditional, intimate, special name for the Lord our Saviour.  So, for instance, the next time you sing, ‘Jesu, joy of man’s desiring’, you know it will be just a little more personal, a little more endearing.  And lest you think it disrespectful, just remember that the opening words of The Lord’s Prayer are more accurately translated “Our Daddy...”.  It’s natural to be lovingly familiar with every Person of the Most Holy Trinity.