Other than your own private prayers, each Christian commits to “continue... in the prayers” at every Baptism or renewal of Baptismal Promises (BCP p.304) .  These “prayers” are the prayers of the Church, which go beyond our personal prayers and concerns.  These are the universal prayers of the whole church, in which we, as members, join regularly.  In our tradition and Communion they are  expressed in what is called the Daily Office, our public morning and evening prayers offered here at the church.  Not everyone can or is expected to make it daily to the church for these prayers.  What a joyful new world that would be!  But everyone is encouraged to make it when they can, and is expected to join in at some point privately at home, morning and evening, when they can’t.   These prayers deliver us from self-concerned prayer alone, and place us in the broader stream of concerns and praise expressed by the whole Church.  They are a model for how to order our private prayers.   Enrich your prayer life with them.  Don’t neglect your share of the daily round of the Prayer of the Church.  Find them on pages 57 and 61 in the Prayer Book.  If you can, join in the prayers at home at the same time they are offered here at the Church.  If you want to get help with them, contact one of the following:  Bard Wickkiser, Bruce Wertheimer, Gerry Stacy, John Baber, Vernon Corey, John Roach, Eric Whitehair, Dn Conway, Fr Kroh, or Fr Parker.