THE BALTIMORE INTERNATIONAL SEAFARER’S CENTER (BISC) asks you to note this and prepare a box:  “Every year in December, BISC volunteers and staff bring boxes of gifts to seafarers docked in the Port of Baltimore. Thanks to churches, community groups, and individuals from around the Baltimore area, BISC has been able to lift the spirits of crews of all nationalities and faiths who are far away from home and family during what can be a lonely, stressful time – in 2013 alone, they delivered over 1,100 boxes to over 46 crews! Please don’t use anything larger than a medium-sized shoebox, and wrap as carefully as possible. Greetings or a note can be included and are very meaningful to a seafarer far from loved ones. Each package should weigh less than 3 1/2 lbs.  Please include the following in each box:

  • A lightweight paperback Bible or New Testament, in a modern translation (readable by those whose first language is not English),
  • Small-sized toiletries, sealed (no unwrapped soap or toothbrushes etc. -- and please remember that almost all our seafarers are male),
  • A warm hat,
  • And some of the following: pens and pads, warm socks or gloves, or scarf, playing cards, post cards of Baltimore, etc.  A pre-paid phone card is always helpful.”  

Bring them to the church and place them at the Font.  Christmas wrapping is great, but wrap the lids and box separately and then tie with ribbon in case the US Gov’t wants to inspect them.