From the instructions given Solomon for the building of the temple to the architectural splendour of cathedrals and parish churches throughout the centuries, art has continually been called upon to glorify its Creator. It is indeed fitting that such art should, in its various forms, adorn and perfume this place of Divine worship. Support for fine church music is essential, and gifts to this end are vitally necessary. We depend on our Friends to help us preserve to the Church’s use its own brilliant treasury of music for the elevation of the soul to God.

Contributions at all levels are welcome and most gratefully received. Both general and specific gifts to Music at Saint John’s Church can make fine memorials for a loved one-for example, patronisation of the Village Music Series, contribution toward the preservation of the organ, or the endowment of a choral scholarship. For more information about ways to become involved in the Friends of Music at Saint John’s Church, telephone the Master of the Choirs on 410.467.4793 or e-mail